The Melitta Caffeo Bistro Coffee

A few people have asked us about the coffee we serve in the Bistro. We know it’s amazing, so we thought we’d post an update to the site today to tell you a little more about it.

The machines we use are Caffeo Bistro’s from Melitta – what we believe are the best machines on the market without spending a crazy amount of money. It’s also great that they use the name Bistro, the link to the name of our cafe isn’t lost on us in case you were wondering.

We’re far from the only ones who use a Bistro in the Bistro either, there’s a Chippenham Restaurant, a Swindon Cafe and Newbury pubs that all love the coffee enough to serve it to their customers.

So, we think we’re in good company, and you can be in that company too – just drop in next time you’re passing and join us!

Update – thanks to an eagle eyed customer who has been trying to buy a Caffeo Bistro after our recommendation, it seems that they have been discontinued according to the BeanToCupCoffeeMachines website. No fear though, the good news is that they’ve released an even better model in the Barista TS. While we’ve not seen one of the new machines in the flesh yet, everything we’ve seen from Melitta in the past has been encouraging so we’re expecting good things!